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FRED easyport plus: the new pocketsize AED

The FRED easyport plus is a concentration of SCHILLER’s experience in the miniaturization of defibrillation. Small and lightweight, it weighs only 780 grams! Perfect to support all rescuers in their daily activities.

Thanks to an intuitive 3-step interface and detailed information provided on the large color LCD screen, the FRED easyport plus is extremely easy to use.

Un concentrate of technology

Small and powerful, the FRED easyport plus combines pocketsize and advanced technology to satisfy all users:

Up to 200J

Intuitive paediatric mode

Automatic brightness adjustment

Regular self-tests

CPR feedback using the ARGUS LifePoint sensor

Find the device that suits you!

The FRED easyport plus is available in 3 versions, adapted to all levels of use

DAE first

Designed for first responders, the semi-automatic AED FRED easyport plus requires confirmation from the rescuer to deliver a shock.
An ECG curve can be displayed on the large color LCD screen.

DAE auto

Designed for trained but unspecialized users, the fully automatic version of the FRED easyport plus requires no action on the part of the rescuer. If a shock is recommended after the analysis, the device will deliver it automatically.

An ECG curve can be displayed on the large color LCD screen.

DAE Manual

Recognizable by its red color, the FRED easyport plus manual allows doctors and paramedics to deliver a shock manually. Using the ECG display, healthcare professionals can determine if a shock is necessary.

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