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SCHILLER products have been synonymous with reliability and durability for more over 40 years. That’s why specialists and rescuers have been trusting us for decades. And now you can trust us too.

It’s easy !

In case of a cardiac arrest, every second counts. Rescuer or not, you can save lives too by applying the chain of survival and using our FRED PA-1 defibrillator before the professionals and the DEFIGARD Touch 7 arrive.

A global presence

We’re here for you. With our eight national branches and certified project partners, we will always help you with a personal contact person. Advice, training or service, we will be listening.

SCHILLER defibrillators


Every year, over 7 million people around the world suffer from a cardio-respiratory arrest. Cardiac arrest can affect anyone, everywhere and at any time. Save a person by giving them an “extra” life.

Thanks to the FRED PA-1, SCHILLER’s general public defibrillator, all you need to do is simply follow the voice instructions and let yourself be guided throughout the intervention. Trained for first aid or not, the FRED PA-1 will guide you through the entire intervention.